Concrete Powder Magazine
Concrete Skateboarding / Canadian Skateboard Annual
Concrete Powder Magazine was started in 1990 to promote the growing skateboard and snowboarding industries in Canada. Distributed free, to retail locations across Canada. The magazine would later become solely focused on skateboarding and re-named Concrete Skateboarding Magazine.

I was part of the team at Concrete for almost 15 years and had many title over those years, including graphic designer, illustrator, photo editor, art director and editor and advertising manager.

These are a few select design samples. Some issues are available to view online at

Barry Walsh, Backside Ollie
Concrete Powder, Issue 40, April 1999

Josh Evin, 50-50 to Drop
Canadian Skateboard Annual cover - 2004

Monster Ledge t-shirt
Concrete Powder Magazine
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