Extra Old Stock
Design & Print Samples from back in the day
This is a selection of illustrations, design, and print samples that I have kept from years gone by. I will be adding to this project as I work my way through the boxes stored in my garage.

There was a time when you could be quite successful producing and selling skateboarding and snowboarding videos. Skateboard Canada Video Magazine was 'running things' on the Canadian skate scene for quite a few years.

I worked with Skateboard Canada Video Magazine doing most of the design for their VHS and DVD graphics, as well as t-shirt graphics, catalogs and posters.

Square One - Party flyer / ticket
Custom die-cut card stock, color printed on 2 sides.

Slam City Jam was a professional skateboarding contest held in Vancouver, BC. The best skaters from all over the globe would travel to Vancouver for this contest, which also became an industry meeting place. This party flyer / ticket was created for an open bar night club event presented by Ultimate Skateboard Distribution.

Red Dragon Apparel - Print Catalog design  - 1999

I worked with the RDS & Red Dragon Apparel creative team to design their 1999 print catalog. Since these early days, Red Dragon has grown to become one of Canada's premiere action sports apparel line exports.
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